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Suridasu @ LJ : write it!

scribbling and sending away

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ALOHA, and welcome to SURIDASU! Suridasu means "to publish" in Japanese, and that's basically what I, Kathy, am doing here! I'm "publishing" my work to the Internet for all you hungry little fanfiction readers to read! This journal contains stuff that I have written, and just maybe some writer's block entries. Just maybe. So come, relax, and read! ♥

about me
Hi people, I'm KATHY, your average Chinese Texan girl who is a senior! I don't write a LOT (I actually read more than I write D:), and my writings are almost always under a thousand words, but I love to write! I write mostly for my fandom of the moment (that changes from time to time, obviously), and my favorite characters/pairings in that fandom. I haven't worked on original fiction in ages, but if I do post some, it will pro'ly be locked. I'm not sure though, seeing as I don't really have any original fiction, but yeah.

affies/sister comms
sister comms.tokudan;;somewishes;;jibunwoshinjiru;;aiheartyou;;solsomniator;;intheinkpot

If you write, graphic, or own a contest community and would like to affiliate me, just comment on a post with your request!

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